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  • Earthship Constructed by Students - Students of Civil Engineering (CE) department built an energy efficient Earthship structure using recyclable material with an expense of INR1.5 lacs.
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  • Industry Sponsored Lab Set-up - Electronics & Communication department has set-up an Analog System Lab in the department sponsored by Texas Instruments (TI) and carried out numerous activities and a teaching lab course in it.
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  • Govt. of India Sponsored Program - Civil Engineering department conducted 21 days program on Geospatial Technologies. 25 Participants from across India participated in the program that had got a funding of INR10 lacs from GOI.
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  • Project Proposals Submitted to DST & DEITY - Computer Science department has submitted 7 research project proposals to DST and DEITY worth INR 85 lacs. Civil Engineering department has submitted 1 proposal worth INR 37 lacs to DST
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  • Students Turn Entrepreneurs - Electronics & Communication department students participated in Chitkara Mandi and sold four types of electronics products designed, developed and manufactured in Chitkara University labs by the students.
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Events Organized

  • ECE department conducted a faculty development program on "Build your Own Smart Phone using Raspberry Pi" during July 25-26, 2015 in collaboration with Computer Society of India (CSI) Chandigarh Chapter and with industry support from element14.
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  • CE department conducted expert lectures during July - Dec 2015 on latest technology areas in civil engineering and invited experts of repute from leading academic institutions and industries
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  • ECE department conducted two-day faculty development program on Analog System Design in collaboration with Texas Instruments India University Program during Aug 21-22. The program was attended by about 25 faculty from Chitkara University and outside.
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  • Prof. Dr. Mark Yoder from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology USA visited ECE department and conducted hands-on workshop on Beaglebone Black for the faculty on October 10, 2015.
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  • Bentley Systems and Innovative Systel jointly conducted a workshop on Water and Waste Water Products and hands-on training on WaterGems software on Nov 27, 2015 for students and faculty of Civil Engineering department
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Events Attended

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering Department attended a workshop on Earthquake Resistant Structures at AKC during 22 September 2015.
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  • Faculty of Civil Engineering Department attended a course on UAV Remote Sensing Applications organized by Indian Institute of Remote Sensing - ISRO, Dehradun during 5-9 October, 2015.
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  • Faculty and students of ECE department participated in a Seminar on Fibre Optics organized by IETE(Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering) on its foundation day November 2, 2015.
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  • Faculty and Student of Civil Engineering Department attended Bentley Learning Conference 2015 during November 24-25, 2015 held at New Delhi.
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  • Faculty Members and Students of CSE department attended and participated in 50th Golden Jubilee Annual Convention of Computer Society of India (CSI) held at New Delhi during Dec 2-5
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Why Research...

Dr. Sudhir Mahajan
Dean, R&D

The rapid growth of scientific knowledge is viewed by some in the community as an indication that we have traversed all that needs to be discovered. However the application and impact of academic research on our daily lives continues to accelerate. The truth is that we can't stop imagining what the world will be like in two to three decades. What we know, it will be fundamentally different from present due to advancement in science, technology and innovation being carried out in the research environment...

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● Wearable Suit With Air Conditioning System : Vinay Chadha

Wearable suit with air conditioning system to keep a person comfortable during excessively warm and cold environment conditions.

● Device And System To Detect Future Emotional Behaviour Of Humans : Dr. Tanu Sharma

A portable, cost efficient and less power consuming system is developed to determine and display emotions of the individual and also to predict future emotions using HYBRID-NAV-MAR algorithm.

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Future Events

  • National Conference on Sustainable Civil Engineering Practices: March 18-19, 2016
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  • Global Engineeing Week for students of Batch 2014: March 28-31.

  • Editorial Board

    Dr. Sudhir Mahajan
    Dean R & D (Chairman)

    Mr Sagar Juneja
    ECE (Member Secretary)

    Dr. Neha Kishore
    CSE (Member)

    Dr. C Prakasam
    CE (Member)

    Dr. Sushil Kumar
    Applied Sciences (Member)


    Research Publications

    • Kumar,A ., 'On Weighted Generalized Residual Entropy', Mathematical Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences (ISSN : 2278-9561 (Print), 2278-957X (Online)), September 2015
    • Kumra, N., 'Complexities in Age Structured Predator-Prey System', Applied Mathematical Sciences (ISSN:1312-885X (Print), 1314-7552 (Online) ), October 2015
    • Kumra, N., 'Complexities in Age Structured Predator-Prey System', Applied Mathematical Sciences (ISSN:1312-885X (Print), 1314-7552 (Online) ), October 2015
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